1. From Summer 2013


  2. Video still from an upcoming documentary project


  3. 84” x 96”



  4. From Pickle Juice Jean Jacket, an art and music show that was held this weekend. Note the piece in the left corner by lukepelletier 


  5. From Tourist Trap, 2014

    Playing around with the footage I gathered of tourists in Chicago’s downtown


  6. School of the Art Institute of Chicago BFA Show snippet

    Exhibition runs until April 2nd


  7. Passport photo – 2014


  8. Screencaps of Odd Folk’s awesome performance. Listen to them here



  10. Outtake


  11. Domestic Excerpt #15


  12. Frontier Ruckus played a great show last night! Will publish more photos and video in the near future. 

    See more frontierruckus here


  13. From last summer at the Taj Mahal | Baltimore, MD

    Featuring tralalabenben 


  14. Domestic Excerpt #14


  15. #1D